Refining the Masculine Spirit

Qi Gong, Meditation & Making a Bamboo Flute

Men’s Retreat at Mana, Coromandel

November 20-24 (Weekend only or 4-day retreat )

with Sol Petersen and Kelvin Falconer

Come and be nourished by this unique opportunity to practice ancient Taoist healing practices in the beauty and stillness of Mana and learn how to create and play your very own Shakuhachi flute.

Qi Gong is a Taoist form of meditation and self-healing movements designed to circulate the Qi or energy, unblocking restricted areas and bringing health, happiness and longevity. We do not drink water from a stagnant stream, and our body also requires healing movement to revitalize the tissues, bones, organs, breath, heart and mind. Sol Petersen has been practicing and sharing Qi Gong, Tai Ji and meditation for many years, and as founder of the Inner Warrior Empowerment Programme for Men has  led retreats at Mana and internationally for over 20 years. The workshop will offer you a set of tools to reduce stress, create healthy habits, have fun and recharge your energy body through inner alchemy.

The Shakuhachi is a  beautiful Japanese bamboo flute that produces an eerie and evocative sound often associated with Zen meditation. Kelvin Falconer is a musician, meditator and Shakuhachi flute maker and player who owns a gallery near Kati Kati. He uses the flute as a tool for meditation, as well as for the lovely sounds it produces, two of the benefits he will pass on to those who attend  the  workshop.
Mens retreats at Mana are transformational in nature. An empowered man has a powerful relationship with himself and has learned the grounding wisdom that can only be passed from man to boy and man to man through direct transmission. Through many passages from inner work and exploring our deeply held beliefs to archery, the sweatlodge and volleyball, these retreats are held to heal and celebrate the unique male spirit. Come join us.

Tuition fees include all instructions, materials and tools for flute making,
delicious organic vegetarian meals,
room and board, bedding and towels
 at the beautiful Mana Retreat
Weekend only - $395 ($350 for Inner Warrior Grads, discount for under-21)
4-day Retreat - $595 ($550 for Inner
Warrior Grads, discount for under 21)
For information contact:
021 893055, 07 8668971
07 8668972 or