Structural Awareness and the Yoga Body

A Body-Mindful Approach to Inner and Outer Harmony

with Sol Petersen from New Zealand

 at YOGAMUDRA, Strandgade 36D, 2; Copenhagen

Friday September 4, 7-9-30pm, Saturday 12-6pm, Sunday 9-1pm, 2009

Who is workshop for?

This experience is designed for anyone interested in being truly alive in their body and applying this aliveness to the art of movement as embodied awareness.  Although the workshop is focused on structural awareness in a Yoga practice, the class will be of immense value for practitioners of Pilates, Dance, Fitness, Qi Gong, Tai Ji, meditation and any other approach to embodied wellness. This new structural body-mindfulness will also help you to integrate your movement art into the postures and movements of your daily life. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Body-Mindfulness and the Yoga Body

The correct practice of Yoga transforms us not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Developing our awareness in conjunction with basic structural principles helps us to reduce unnecessary effort and allows us to grow in suppleness and ease as we discover the essential principles for a lifelong journey of inspiration in our body.

You will learn and explore:

• the anatomy of yoga – what do we need to know to practice a movement art?
• an introduction to structural body reading and movement analysis
• how to recognize core limiting patterns and be kind to yourself in your yoga practice
• the important effect of gravity and random postures on the connective tissue system
• how to use your body-mindfulness to ensure that yoga and other movement arts are safe
• how to apply structural awareness to yoga, other movement arts and your daily life

Sol Petersen: Based in NZ, Sol is an internationally recognized teacher and presenter of BodyMind education, Structural Integration and Tai Ji who combines a body-mindful, individualized approach to working with yoga and other arts of movement awareness. Sol began his embodiment practice with Yoga and has been teaching Tai Ji, a moving yoga for over 30 years. Sol helped to nurture the growth of TaiJi in Denmark in the 1980’s and co-taught Denmark’s first Structural Integration training. Sol is a co-founder of Mana Retreat(see, a Structural Integration trainer, Aston Movement Coach and an eternal student of the dynamic body. Over the last 35 years Sol has developed his unique perspectives and approach to posture, body conditioning and dynamic movement. He leads Yoga and Tai Ji Retreats in Europe and NZ with Carrie Tuke from UK.

Cost:  Friday evening class only 375 Dkk ; Full workshop fee 1500 Dkk

For more information contact YOGAMUDRA on 0045 3296 9591 or
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