Structural Awareness and the Yoga Body

class dates in 2017 TBA in Copenhagen, Denmark at Yoga Mudra Centre

with Sol Petersen

Discovering the Essence of Yoga

with Carrie Tuke.

I am a yoga practitioner and teacher from London, England.

I have been a student of yoga for over 20 years, having begun with Iyengar and Ashtanga in New York; my yoga over the last 13 years has been inspired by my main teachers John Stirk and Sandra Sabatini. Sandra and John were both students of Vanda Scaravelli. I have an integrated approach to healing the body through Yoga, combining my Yoga study with my experience as a Structural Integration and a Hakomi Practitioner.

My approach to teaching emphasizes supporting each person at their growing edge, allowing their potential to unfold. I teach Yoga classes for beginners, experienced students and teachers. I live and work in London and run workshops and retreats in Europe. I also work with the Helen Bamber Foundation as a somatic therapist using my integrated approach to support survivors of gross human cruelty. As Vanda Scaravelli said, If you are kind to the body, it will respond in an incredible way. This is a truth I experience again and again.

Here are some words I have used in the past to describe my approach, I hope they give you an idea of where I am coming from:

Working with the fundamental elements, that are the heart of the Yoga: gravity, breathing and movement, allows us to cultivate our ability to work from a deeper place within ourselves, while staying connected to the world around us. Freedom is found in the body when a spacious spine is able to relate to ground and the sky through the arms and the legs.

Direct movement, through softer joints, reduces unnecessary muscular tension, increasing fluidity and ease of movement. Learning to bring attention to breathing, postural and attitudinal habits gives time to listen, recognize and invite new possibilities into how we organize ourselves within Yoga postures. This way, opportunities are created to find ways through limitations and inspire us towards our potential and vitality.

Allowing ourselves to listen and be truly touched by the ground and our breathing has the potential to settle us within our own body rhythms. By receiving, releasing and engaging rather than pushing, pulling and stretching, we become aware of the calm, spacious, resonation that is the aliveness within. This awareness and attention to creative explorations becomes a resource in everyday living.

This is key for me; it has enhanced my capacity for the awareness of subtle movements that are the foundation for the integrity in Yoga.

I love to share my experience and understanding of yoga with others.