For many years most of my poetry was woven into music. Perhaps it is from another stillness that since 2003 I have written less songs and find myself gripped by phrases and words and feelings that hold me, compel me to sit with paper for hours and reach for a way to express impressions and experiences. Here you will find some of my current poetry in various stages of being edited. If the poems touch you i would love to know about it. Perhaps you even have a poem to share with me.

Perhaps, If I Learn to Speak Another Language    grew out of the humbling experience of my attempts to learn to speak spanish.

Some Say. How did the human animal appear on this planet..carbon molecules... some say tiny worms are realtives of our complex digestive system. 

On the First Day. We all know that God is a man and that he created the earth in seven days, but how exactly did he prepare for the job.