I am an acoustic guitarist, singer-songwriter and have recorded five albums of original music since 1981: Reaching for the Sun, Set Your Love Free, Mana, Journey of the Heart and Into the Mystery. If you scroll down the page you can listen to a few tracks here and purchase some of the CDs by contacting me.

Journey of the Heart

This acoustically-based album of original songs, backed by top New Zealand musicians, ranges in feel from folk and country to soft rock. The violin is haunting in Close to the Edge and gives an over-all Celtic feel to the album. The songs are about the highs and lows of every day life and relationships. Of courage and hope, sadness and grief, and above all about love: love between lovers and friends, parents and children and love for this land of ours.

Chris White, New Zealand Musician Magazine Dec 1999.
“The arrangements and instrumentation develop the songs’ individualities well, occasionally touching on Van Morrison and even Dylan.”

Grant Hindin-Miller, song-writer, novelist and screen-writer.
“This music is inspirational, following in the long fine tradition of poetic singer-songwriters like Ralph McTell and fellow Canadian Gordon Lightfoot. Sol’s songs are real songs, real stories about real people. He has the courage to be honest, to lay his emotions bare.”

“Blue Jeans” Ross McMillan, South Island high country poet
“These are songs to be listened to in front of a warm fire with a special friend.” And writing about track 4 The High Country Song:  “Sol has written a song from the heart which has the feel of the mountains, the wide open spaces and carries a picture of the way of life which is simple but beautiful.”

Des Williams, journalist and editor of “Shearing”
“the songs are delivered in a refreshingly uncomplicated but catchy style. His long experience in the fields of healing and teaching shine through in his work, making this CD worthy of a place in any collection.”

In Touch Magazine Dec 1999.
“Sol’s songs are inspired, poetic, joyful and tinged here and there with sadness, just as a good journey of the heart should be.”

Journey of the Heart

  • Love is a Place Where We Can Be files/upload/Love is a Place Where We Can Be.mp3
  • The High Country Song files/upload/The High Country Song.mp3
  • I Need You files/upload/I Need You.mp3
  • Wounded Angel files/upload/Wounded Angel.mp3
  • Coming Home files/upload/Coming Home.mp3

Reaching For the Sun

  • The Falcon Song files/upload/the Falcon somg.mp3
  • Haven't We all Been Here Before files/upload/Havent We All Been Here Before.mp3
  • We Are All Tasting of These Waters files/upload/We Are All Tasting of These Waters.mp3
  • Alberta Plains files/upload/Alberta Plains.mp3
  • Lady Moon files/upload/Lady Moon.mp3
  • May the Love We're Sharing Spread Its Wings files/upload/May the Love Were Sharing Spread Its Wings.mp3