A Place for Healing
Summer Sweat Lodge

Saturday, Sunday September 11,12, 2010

at Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel

The sweatlodge is a healing ritual of the North American native tradition. It is a unique experience that is offered as a journey of physical purification, a personal initiation and a symbol of the challenges and fires we face in our work, our relationships and our life. The participants sit in a lodge built on the earth, around a pile of hot rocks, speaking, sharing stories, song and prayer. While the sauna is primarily a physical cleansing process, the deeper enquiry we bring to the darkness and warmth of the sweat is "What is the healing my body, mind, heart or spirit is longing for?"

Sweat Your Prayers We must bend down to enter the lodge and this is a gesture of the humility required to come to a deeper understanding of the mystery that we are. It is a special and powerful experience to sweat your prayers in the safety of the lodge and the sweat has helped many through difficult transitions. Most people are touched in very surprising ways with responses that range from a sense of deep cleansing, of unity, a feeling of being part of the earth and healing old or new wounds. You will be guided by a sweatlodge leader with many years of experience. Each person is free to participate as fully or as lightly as is appropriate for them. Although there is a charge for the weekend experience, if anyone cannot afford the fee, please contact us and you will be accommodated.

Mana Retreat is a beautiful residential centre set in the bush of the Coromandel hills, fifteen minutes south of Coromandel town. It is a good place to be in touch with the earth.

The Facilitator, Sol Petersen, has been nourished by the healing power of the sweatlodge over the last thirty years. He is a long time leader of transformational seminars, a psychotherapist and bodyworker.
Saturday registration 9am for a 10 am start and we will finish by 3pm Sunday. Participants are welcome to arrive on Friday night- please contact the centre

Cost: including food and accommodation is $140
To Register: Please send $50 deposit to Mana Retreat Centre, RD 1, Coromandel.
For further Information call Sol 07-8668971, 021 893055, sol@theradiantbody.com or Mana Retreat on 07-8668972, be@manaretreat.com
www.theradiantbody.com or www.manaretreat.com