Structural Integration Practitioner Training Europe and New Zealand
Structural Integration is an innovative approach to well-being that recognizes a natural order inherent in the human being. When the musculo-skeletal system is re-balanced and re-aligned and optimal movement restored, our innate self-healing abilities stimulate a new vitality. The Structural Integration series is a sequence of 10 sessions designed to restore natural structure and function. Specific myofascial techniques, movement repatterning, guided awareness are some of the tools that a practitioner will use to guide a client to a new balance. The essence of Structural Integration is to foster growth, an expansion of body awareness and conscious choice to bring aliveness, alignment and fluidity to daily body use.
Structural Integration Advanced Classes for Practitioners
Myofascial Massage Training..New Zealand, UK, Denmark, Spain
Integral Aquatic Therapy..New Zealand, Europe
Terapia Integral Acuatica..Espana